struck by beauty, gripped in fright

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I would hack off my right arm in return for something as simple as cancer,” Bauer writes. “The flickering beauty of a sad, pure, too-early death sounds lovely.

- a parent of an autistic person.

”fuck you.” - parents of childhood cancer patients.

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Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. 

I just cannot with this. 

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So….you’d rather have a dead kid….FROM CANCER…..than one who flaps their hands. -_____-

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And WE’RE the ones who don’t have empathy, apparently! 

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Source for the curious.

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From the OP:

Here’s the story: Hawkeye has gone insane and is spending time at a hospital. Throughout the episode, he tells this story about how they were able to go out to a beach and have a great day. Just playing at the beach. They all pile up on a bus to head home. Suddenly, they realise that the enemy is nearby, so they shut off the engine, turned out all the lights and everybody got quiet. Except this woman in the back who has a chicken that won’t get quiet.

In this scene, BJ shows up to tell Hawkeye that he (BJ) is going home but can’t because Hawkeye is getting very upset. So BJ calls in the DR.

All these years later, this, the climatic scene in the series finale, still messes me up. Perhaps it’s because I had the benefit of context, having watched the show for 11 or so years… but wow. Let me add - that while M*A*S*H probably barely entered the realm of “reality” where the physical horrors of war were concerned - these days one probably gets more gore and violence in an episode of “Family Guy” - on a visceral level these characters, so utterly human and identifiable, so expertly drawn and written, delivered the message loud and clear. 

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I don’t know if rape jokes encourage rape culture. I don’t care. You still shouldn’t tell them.

Statistically, if you have told a rape joke to a group of more than five people, one of the people you told it to was a rape survivor, possibly of multiple rapes. They will not necessarily disclose this to you; rape apologism is endemic in society and most rape survivors are cautious about whom they tell. Some may even be too ashamed of their rape to admit it to anyone, or because of rape-minimizing narratives like “men can’t be raped” and “I consented to oral, so I couldn’t have been raped” may not admit it even to themselves. The fact remains: if you’ve told dozens of rape jokes in your life, then you have almost certainly told a joke that minimizes or trivializes rape in front of a survivor.

And if you put as your Facebook status “I totally raped at Halo today” for your two hundred Facebook friends to see, statistically, you have just reminded thirty-three people of one of the worst experiences of their entire lives.

To describe how well you did at a video game.

Good job!

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Demonstrators tore down two lampposts, one falling into a crowd of students. They also threw rocks and fireworks at police, who responded with pepper spray. The crowd undulated like an accordion, with the students crowding the police and the officers pushing them back.

“We got rowdy and we got maced,” Jeff Heim, 19, said rubbing his red, teary eyes. “But make no mistake, the board started this riot by firing our coach. They tarnished a legend.”

Students Clash With Police in Unrest After Announcement -

It’s like when I was a teacher and kids used to say to me “you got me detention” and I would say back to them “no, you got you detention.” The board didn’t tarnish “a legend.” JoePa did that on his own. NOW CALM DOWN because you’re totally off-base and out of control and my Mia is there.

However, don’t we all know this will maybe be even worse come Saturday? GAME DAY? Westboro? Eeek.

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