struck by beauty, gripped in fright

  • 14th October
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I am trying to articulate this thing and I can’t.

  • I’ve seen a few comments about not being able to see Scott as an alpha.
  • The only alphas we’ve spent any time with have been awful at it. Their ideas about what an alpha should be don’t work.
  • Maybe it’s not about being the only one with the plan.
  • Maybe it about listening to other voices as well.
  • Sometimes being a leader is about finding talented and skilled people and motivating them to do great things. Directing their abilities in positive directions. (keeping Stiles from killing people)
  • I think Scott would be really, really good at that. He’s already demonstrated some of this.
  • Scott is good. (and now I have Into the Woods stuck in my head again)
  • Maybe it’s not what one traditionally thinks of when they think “Alpha wolf” but again, Derek is a perfect example of why that idea doesn’t work so well in practice.
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